Friday, January 29, 2010

Marlin 366 Cal.30-30 Gun Valeu. The Marlin Firearm Co.est. 1870-micro-groove Barrel-mod.366 Cal.30-30?

Gun valeu. the marlin firearm co.est. 1870-micro-groove barrel-mod.366 cal.30-30? - marlin 366 cal.30-30

* The information is actually the day of the patents for Marlin Firearms Company, based in the barrel of a gun, not when he has the weapon ... There are several versions of the Marlin Model 336 (Corrected model number) lever action rifle, a more detailed description is necessary to identify weapons they possess. It would also be a general idea of the conditions of the example .. Rifle, 70% good, very good 80% excellent new 95-100% This information go a long way to determine the exact weapon you have. ....


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